Innovation Strategy, Management & Partnering Services

Innovation Strategy


HSG recognizes the investment required for new innovation, and can lead you through all phases of Innovation strategy development, alignment and execution, to achieve your goals and optimize your ROI:

  • Goals and Objectives Setting
  • Innovation Culture Assessment
  • Ideation and Scenario Planning
  • Technology Assessment
  • Market Assessment
  • Feasibility Mapping
  • Roadmap Development 
  • Process Development
  • Pipeline Development
  • Resourcing
  • Alignment and Integration

External Innovation and Partnering


HSG can help you develop your external innovation and partnering strategy and identify and engage candidate partners to help drive your external innovation:

  • Goals and Objectives Setting
  • Industry and Partner Mapping
  • Innovation Matrix Development
  • Scouting 
  • Due Diligence
  • Asset Mapping
  • Risk Analysis
  • Program Development
  • Metrics Development
  • Business Model Development
  • Contract Development
  • Negotiation and Execution
  • Alignment and Integration

Innovation Management


HSG can work continiously with you and your organization to manage your innovation toward continuous improvement:

  • Strategy Reviews and Updates
  • Process Optimization
  • Pipeline Management
  • Pipeline Valuation
  • Risk Analysis
  • Metrics Reporting 
  • Metrics Optimization
  • ROI Assessment
  • Alignment and Integration


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