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Company Description:  Eleven year old organization in rapidly changing industry with increasing competition.  Company and revenues have grown significantly over the past several years, however, profits are declining, there are very limited new products or services in the pipeline and competitors are winning in the market.  The current commercial strategy is the original developed when the organization first commercialized their products and services.  


Project Description:   Initial consultation with the organization's leadership uncovered a long list of tactical concerns regarding commercialization capabilities and financial results.  Further dialog with commercial leadership uncovered a misalignment between the company's commercial goals and objectives, which had evolved over time to address some of the needs in the changing industry landscape, and the overall corporate, commercial, new product development and investment strategies.  Additionally, impacts of the rapidly changing landscape were not clear to Executive Leadership.  


Project Timeline (orignial):  9-12 months


Current Status:  Parallel paths to address Corporate Strategy, New Product Development and Commercialization misalignment with regard to near-term projects and commercial opportunities have been initiated.  Several key assessments are being carried out including Asset, Technology, Product Portfolio, Commercial Pipeline, Market and Value Chain Assessments.  Near-term goals and objectives are being re-designed accordingly.


Next Steps:  1) Develop and align on mid and long term Strategy Process Map, covering corporate, commercial, communications and investment strategy.  2) Complete full Evnironmental Scan and insure communication of findings across all functions and Executive Leadership.  3) Initiate Executive and Leadership Coaching program to address misalignment, increase communications and support implementation of new strategies among the organization's leadership and with the organization's employees.


Services Provided:  Corporate Strategy Development, Commercial Strategy Development, Communications Strategy Development, Investment Strategy Development, Executive and Leadership Coaching


Status Update:  Project expanded to include development of interim Pandemic strategies, Pandemic exit strategies and re-envisioned overall Corporate, Commercial and Technologies strategies post-pandemic


Project Timeline:  18-24 months

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