Project Transition

Harmonize Strategy GroupTM - "Virtual Chief Technology Officer"

Company Description:  15+ year old organization in need of digital transition and system integration across functions, including customer management, finance, sales, HR and website management. Several systems in current use are outdated, not integrated with other systems and are no longer serving the needs of the organization, particularly relating to the goals of the newly developed corporate strategy.  


Project Description:   Initial consultation with the organization's leadership and system end-users identified the underlying challenges, goals of the system upgrades and how various parts of the organization need to be integrated.  A system assessment across functions will be carried out, strategies developed for system integration to best support the business and corporate strategies.  Current data will be transitioned into new systems and following system integration, a test period will be used for system optimization.   


Project Timeline (orignial):  6-9 months


Services Provided:  Innovation and Partern Strategy Development


Status Update:  Project Complete

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